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social media management & marketing consulting

you've done the heavy lifting,
now let us help you build beyond a foundation

marketing (noun)



  • the action or business of promoting and selling products or services 

  • a service EVERY business needs, but most are scared to talk about

  • something we are fully prepared to tackle for you- no headache, no extra work, no worries

marketing shouldn't be scary

but we know that for some- it is. 

Whether you've been quoted exorbitant numbers by another company, had no idea what to do so you never did anything with your business' marketing - or tried marketing and it just didn't work out - we can put together a plan that's unique to your business, and your needs.


Our team has been working with Long Island small businesses and start ups for a long time.

We'd like to think we've learned a lot that can help you put your small business on the map- without putting it in the red. We're so confident in the way that we work, that we frequently offer free trials of our services so that you can experience the benefits risk free.


get out there

Our team specializes in social media marketing and account management for small businesses, start-ups, and the hospitality industry.


look your best

From photography to rollout to customer engagement, we'll handle it all so you don't have to.

our clients make headlines

Social media and great marketing don't just result in direct sales, they'll even help you get noticed by the press who in turn create new fans for your business. Our clients experience the benefits of being featured on News 12 Long Island, Edible Long Island, Edible East End, Newsday, and more-

without spending on advertising.

don't just take our word for it

"Working with Isobel media has been a breath of fresh air from the start.  Being in business for 20+ years and having numerous other companies solicit me for my social media" business- naturally I was skeptical. 

Rachel and her team put me at ease from the start. 
Their caring, positive, honest attitude made this the right choice for Athenian. The ability to handle all of my current social media needs and constantly bringing in new concepts, ideas and methods has kept the business going strong.  
As a hands on chef/owner I highly recommend them to any one in the industry."

—  Chef Alex Homenides, Co-Owner of Athenian Greek Taverna

see more of our work

but don't put us in a box.

We create visuals specific to each client's unique brand.
No generic, sterile work here.

find out how we can help your business grow

drop us a line and we'll be in touch!

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